A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"Anime was a mistake." - Hayao Miyazaki


  • 3 very unique waifus to choose from. no waifu = no laifu
  • 8 9!! endings so you can waste a small quantity of your time
  • expertly drawn original character sprites (art (c) me) (do not steal!!!!!)
  • engaging and gripping dialogue with hardly any unintentional spelling and grammar errors
  • very helpful translator's notes to help you understand the ins and outs of the unique culture of nihon (that means japan) that may have been lost in translation
  • handy official walkthrough so you can get through all the routes if that's something you really want to do

additional notes:

  • made with love, care, and renpy visual novel engine.
  • should work for windows, mac and linux.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 15, 2016
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAnime, Comedy, Multiple Endings, Parody, renpy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour




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First of all, this game is inherently  harmful to all people everywhere, because it is literally garbage.  I'm not joking. I'll tell you all about my tragic encounter with it: I stumbled upon it while looking for anime recommendations on the internet, and I'm really picky about anime because I have a really good taste, all my animes are hand picked, organic, and free range, and then I find this game just floating around or something and I thought, hey, fuck it, it doesn't cost anything so why not. cant be too bad.  when I first fired it up I first listened to u  's master race and nothing can beat them . well maybe except yohane anyway. literally nothing can beat the schools idol group with the universes number number one idol, nico yazawa. call me a lolicon I dont even care. flat is justice. and I know I'm not some sort of weirdo paedo. nico is the best school idol and that is absolute and define.  and if you think nico isnt best girl you have shit taste. its better to accept the truth than fool yourself with lies. you nico nico need jesus. literally I'm not saying that aqours is inherently bad. I'm not knocking it completely. the CG doesn't look like complete ass that a 15 yro made with miku miku dance. and honestly I'll tell you that I didint cringe at all when I was watching koi ni naritai aquarium in fact I really liked it. the girls are nice singers too and some of them have really nice voices. the character design in honestly nicer  too like u 's have you ever realised that theres like 4 different fringes (tn that means bangs for you america-jun) that they all share.  this is no Illuminati conspiracy shit right there. theres a tufly fringe, a side fringe, that fringe flipped horizontally, and kotori. I'm not kidding look it up and see for yourself. and ofc they are anime so as if theyre going to have anything interesting other than eye and hair color, but still. I can appreciate the aqours girls having a little more thought put into it, and you know. having different hair. and one of them has a mole, which is pretty groundbreaking. so there are these pretty cute looking girls who are school idols, who are supposedly base near where i live. heres the problem I have: there are nine girls and non of them are nico. idk if im going to be able to fill the nico-nii-shaped void in my heart. maybe I cant fill it with another two-dimensional girl. but there is one twintails girl in the whole group and shes complete loli so fari mean i havent watched the 4th episode but. ruby has this really grating voice and this ooooooh im sooo shy kind of personality im not a huge fan. i mean maybe itll grow on me who knows. I mean hayanos voice was pretty strange at first but it wasnt as grating. speaking of hayano i get so sad because she has a pretty singing voice (see: love marginal and unbalanced love)  but shes gotta put on a singing voice to similar to her speaking voice. whys she gotta do that. it doesnt sound as good. i mean shes by far my absolute fav because nothing beats the universes number one idol nico-nii but shes still cool. you still have shit taste if you think nico isnt best girl let me get that straight. but its still a shame... anyway back to the issue at hand. twintails = life. you had the polar opposites in u 's of nico and nozomi which was appreciated but i get one really set choice in aqours. why is that. this is like the opposite of an upgrade. a degrade. and shes even a real life little sister in it too and you know how I feel about them.

super funny!

That was an amazing game, I loved the additional CG at the end of the credits, it was beautiful.

This is the best game ever, I don't even lie.  All tsundere in anime should be as straightforward as Ayane.
I made a video some time ago. I hope you're not angry :>

I loved this game and I agree nico is the best girl

I can't download this on my iPhone does it have to be a computer or lapto

Yep, I'm afraid so! It'll work on Windows, Mac or Linux.

My only complaint is that Nepotism-san (Sachi) did not get more screen time. Primarily because I wanted to see her interact with Osananajimi-chan (Ayane). All in all it was enjoyable for what it was. True Ending was... a thing. I sort of expected it. Nice walkthrough, though i might have had a different font choice. Thanks for the silly game.

No, I should be thanking you for playing! In hindsight, loli-chan and twintails interacting would have been neat, but I guess it didn't cross my mind as I was making it... I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and thanks for the feedback!

That true ending was truly beautiful. Such a roller coaster of feels with senpai.

senpai = best girl. i don't actually know whether to congratulate you, or apologise to you for going through all the routes. but thanks for playing, anyway!