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I loved this game and I agree nico is the best girl

I can't download this on my iPhone does it have to be a computer or lapto

Yep, I'm afraid so! It'll work on Windows, Mac or Linux.

My only complaint is that Nepotism-san (Sachi) did not get more screen time. Primarily because I wanted to see her interact with Osananajimi-chan (Ayane). All in all it was enjoyable for what it was. True Ending was... a thing. I sort of expected it. Nice walkthrough, though i might have had a different font choice. Thanks for the silly game.

No, I should be thanking you for playing! In hindsight, loli-chan and twintails interacting would have been neat, but I guess it didn't cross my mind as I was making it... I'm glad you enjoyed it though, and thanks for the feedback!

That true ending was truly beautiful. Such a roller coaster of feels with senpai.

senpai = best girl. i don't actually know whether to congratulate you, or apologise to you for going through all the routes. but thanks for playing, anyway!